Toy Story 3

Toy Story...my favourite Disney PIXAR animation of all the time...seems 2 be come 2 an end now -- Toy Story 3...I believe that is the final chapter...

This animation had accompany me since I was small, around 6-7 years old when it 1st filmed in 1995, the 1st feature film in history to be made entirely with CGI(Computer-Generated Imagery...That time i don't think I know what it's all about but T.O.Y.S...That was my 1st time introduced to Woody, the cowboy sherrif & Buzz Lightyear, the space toy...I was attracted with them...Since that time, I wish that could have one of them, or maybe both of them...haha~~

After 4 years time, Toy Story 2 was released...new toys were introduced..Jessie -- the cowboy girl, Bullseye -- the donkey or horse(not sure which kind is it), Prospector -- the farmer i think, Mrs Potato(Mr. Potato's wife) & etc...When Toy Story 2 was released, i think i was 11-12...i remember nothing but excited coz they r back in town again....hahaha~~what i regret is that time my hometown, alor star don't have any nice or good cinema, like GSC in KL or other places...so I bought the pirate CD...hehe~~but no worries, I will buy the 3 in 1 DVD later..hehe~~

But however, after the Toy Story 2, there's no news for Toy Story 3...I was waiting & waiting & waiting...I was hoping that it released soon...It quite unbelievable for me that i waiting for it for 11 years since Toy Story 2...Now, I'm a grown up teenager, just like Andy -- the owner of the toys...This is really a long wait for me...When I know it is going 2 released in June 18 2010, I'm almost scream till my lungs out(weird expression huh??)...really excited & good news for me...hahaha~~

Last few days, I watched with my secondary school friends -- Yi Xiong, Boon Keat, Shi Ying, Rong Huang, Hean Sheng, Hui Ling...Before the movie start, some of them told me they haven't watched the 1st 2 episode before...looks like I'm the only 1 watched it all 7 quite few times repeated...Luckily Toy Story's episodes didn't continue from the previous 1...If not, I'm going to explain it from the beginning of the story till the end....hahaha~~Finally, after 1 and half hours, I finished it...It seems like it's the final chapter for the episode...What can I said from this so called final chapter of movie is, Toy Story, it isn't a so called children "cartoon" anymore...For those who followed the episode since it was 1st released like me, it's contained a lots of our childhood memories, it accompany us since we were small, accompany us from a child to a teenager or from a teenager to a father/mother or even from father/mother grandfather/grandmother...I believe that some of them might like me...memories~~

I'm quite touched with the story...1st, the effort from the toys just to see his owner once again after he has grown up, not playing with them for ages but ended with words : "piece of junk"...It quite hurt actually to the toys...Try to ask ourselves, how many toys u have?how many of them u treat them nice?how many toys u still kept?how many of it u remember?The answer most probably spoilt or gone somewhere else or donate/stole by someone else "accidentally....In Toy Story 3, Woody was actually selected to join Andy to his college while the other toys will be kept up on the attic...It was once mistaken when Andy's mom throw a garbage beg away which contained those toys where suppose to keep on the attic as mentioned before except Woody...But luckily the toys manage to excape...Then those toys have negative thoughts about Andy who don't want them anymore and throw them away...They choose to go to the daycare, Sunnyside while Woody stops them...They ignore it and then the story happened...2nd, the spirit of friendship between the toys...Woody, who is suppose to be safe for not following Buzz and the other toys, know that his friend are in danger, torture by the kids & prisoned by a big bear with strawberry smells -- Lotso, came back to them and saved them from it....I like the phrase : "no toys left behind", it was told by Woody when Jessie ask him why did he came back...After that they were trap in the garbage dumpsite & almost destroyed...The moment when Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, Mr&Mrs Potato & etc hold their hand together before they are going to destroyed, makes me think a lot...even toys will appreciate their friendship...while how many of us will remember the best friend or the people around us & appreciate it?hold ur hand even though u r in trouble...be with u whenever u r...Lastly, the ending of the story...the friendship & love between the toys & ownerAt 1st, Woody is going to say goodbye to his friend who is going to the attic...But when he saw the photo, Andy with the other toys which use to be his best buddies which he is going 2 meet maybe years later...he then change his mind...Throw himself inside the box, n write a message on the box that the box Woody & his friend staying at should be donated to a girl named Bonnie...This is the touchiest scene in this movie where Andy saying goodbye to his toys...When Andy took the last toy from box, it was Woody...Andy look at Woody, and told the girl that Woody is his best friend, more than just a toy, Woody be there whenever he need him...Before Andy leave, he look at Woody from his car and said : "Goodbye Woody"...I wonder is this really the ending of Toy Story series?I really hope that it is not...I really hope that there will be Toy Story 4, Toy Story 5, Toy Story 6...Toy Story INFINITY!!!!!Just to have them by my side, I was thinking to collect all the Toy Story toys from the episode 1(although it is quite hard & big budget also)...I just really hard to say GOODBYE to Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye & etc...What I can do now is trying to find the soundtrack for Toy Story 1, 2 & 3...It's quite nice 2 listen while the memories keep coming up in my mind...UNFORGETABLE~~

There are 2 songs I shared previously, 1st is the theme song of Toy Story -- You got a friend in me & the 2nd song is from Toy Story 2 -- When she loved me...

Toy Story series might come to an end...But what it left to me is, other then memories, it's still MEMORIES...the joy when I watched it, the tears that I left, the laughter it gave to me will be always in my mind...I will remember all the toys as much as I could....Toy Story will always in my heart...Like what Woody said : "Nobody Left Behind"~~

~"To infinity and beyond -- Buzz Lightyear"~
~"There's a snake in my b00t -- Woody"~

Love With Tears, Toy Story...

When She Loved Me - Toy Story 2


When somebody loved me,
Everything was beautiful
Every hour we spent together lives within my heart
And when she was sad,
I was there to dry her tears
And when she was happy,
So was I
When she loved me

Through the summer and the fall
We had each other, that was all
Just she and I together,
Like it was meant to be

And when she was lonely,
I was there to comfort her
And I knew that she loved me

So the years went by
I stayed the same
But she began to drift away
I was left alone
Still I waited for the day
When she'd say I will always love you

Lonely and forgotten,
I'd never thought she'd look my way
And she smiled at me and held me just like she used to do
Like she loved me
When she loved me

When somebody loved me
Everything was beautiful
Every hour we spent together lives within my heart

When she loved me

You've Got a Friend in Me - Toy Story 2



热爱音乐的我,常常都会很欣赏,很羡慕那些很会创作的歌手,例如 :周杰伦,王力宏,林俊杰,戴佩妮,方大同等人...但除了欣赏,肯定会有我常批评的创作歌手,至于是谁就不方便透露啦...常常都会说他们常抄袭别人的作品,把他们踩得扁扁的,因为我最不喜欢那些抄袭的歌曲...但最近我突然萌起了对创作的兴趣,也深深地体会到每位创作歌手的辛苦及努力,慢慢地我也不太敢批评他们了,反而多了一些尊重...

自从去年大约九月,我参加了大摇 -- 马大摇篮手大型创作歌曲发表演议会 这个活动后,我渐渐地对创作产生了兴趣...再加上一些摇篮手的创作歌手一直都鼓励我多创作,得空就写些歌曲,try try 一下也好嘛...这更燃烧起我心中的对创作的热情!!!(呃...好像有点夸张hor?哈哈哈)


但是咧...问题就出在我不会玩乐器,语文能力又差,语法没那么好,总是写不出什么好歌...我呢,偏喜欢那些沧桑的歌曲,悲歌,情歌...例如 :可惜不是你,人质,我恨我爱你,心酸的浪漫,雨下一整晚等等...又或者我最擅长的R&B歌曲,方大同,周杰伦,王力宏&林俊杰常常就会有很多这类型的歌...R&B的歌s虽然还满容易唱的,但也还真的很难创作...没经验的真的没办法...




雨下一整晚 - 周杰伦

Finally, my idol -- jay chou has released his new album, The New Era...This song is the best song among the other 10 songs in his new album...It's a sad song and its MV i quite like it...
I have added it on my playlist....

街灯下的橱窗 有一种落寞的温暖
吐气在玻璃上 画着你的模样
开着车漫无目的地转弯 不知要去哪个地方
闹区的电视墙 到底有谁在看

# 白杨木影子被拉长 像我对你的思念走不完
原来我从未 习惯 你已不在我身旁
街道的铁门被拉上 只剩转角霓虹灯还在闪
这城市 的小巷 雨下一整晚

你撑把小纸伞 叹姻缘太婉转
雨落下雾茫茫 问天涯在何方
午夜笛 笛声残 偷偷透 透过窗
烛台前 我嘛还在想
小舢板 划呀划
小纸伞 遮雨也遮月光

心酸的浪漫 - 那英

This is one of the best song i have ever heard, really nice...i like it so much!!!
I have added it on my playlist...

多年后再次相见 往事如烟
他爱我的双眼 已变得漠然
很想再提起从前 依偎缠绵
他用淡淡的笑脸 拒绝我所有语言

# 面对他依然牵挂 是我太傻太善良
我怎能记怨他 他给我太多
心酸浪漫啊 面对他依然牵挂
左右为难的爱他 忘不了放不下
心酸的浪漫 说不清啊

多年后再次相见 多么伤感
我坐在他前面 局促不安
很想再提起从前 心口难开
让沉默为我表白 我是万般的无奈

# 面对他依然牵挂 是我爱的太凄凉
连微笑都害怕 他给我浪漫
面对他依然牵挂 心神不灵的为他
情愿一生都为他 心酸的浪漫 说不清啊

* 心酸的浪漫 说不清啊
我太傻 爱的太凄凉

#面对他依然牵挂 是我太傻太善良
我爱的好凄凉 他给我太多
面对他依然牵挂 心神不灵的为他
情愿一生都为他 心酸的浪漫 说不清啊

多年后再次相见 十分伤感
他坐在我对面 往事如烟
太难 太难 太难


怎么能忘 时间多长
你快乐吗 想代替你回答
你知道吗 走了好远
这份牵挂 沉默伤悲